Okay, so Kevin Durant’s actual hight has been a matter of mystery for years now. It was once thought he was 6’10”, but now most believe he’s probably 7’0 or taller. Most official sites claim him to be 6’9, which has pretty much unbelievable at this point.

The only thing we know for sure though is that nobody has the honest answer except KD himself.

It’s actually quite often that NBA players’ height or weight gets listed down falsely. Whether by accident or some strategic goal set by the player himself, wrong size listings are pretty frequent.

But this latest picture may give us the real answer to Durant’s real height.

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As Reddit user¬†zackjewberg points out, KD is clearly taller than Tobias Harris and Trevor Ariza, who are both listed at 6’9 and 6’8. He looks about even with Myles Turner, though.

And Turner is listed at 6’11, which means Durant may actually be just under 7 feet tall. That still puts him taller than LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, and just about even with Giannis Antetokounmpo.

SO there you have it. After years of speculation and guessing games, the truth is finally out and the case is finally closed.

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