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This beautiful game we love wouldn’t be the same without sponsors, as even though they sometimes overpay for players and make it kind of difficult for everybody to compete on the same terms, the kind of money they put on the table makes the best athletes in the world work hard to achieve greatness.

Brands put a lot of work to get the best players in the world in order to make their products even more attractive and lure fans from all over the world to buying them, and with how many talented players in the world nowadays, the competition gets tougher and tougher by the day.

We’ve seen Under Armour ink Curry to be their franchise man, or Nike putting a lot of dough on the table to retain Kevin Durant and LeBron James, but truth to be told, there are so many more incredible players with huge sponsorship deals that you could even make a team out of each brand.

So, today we’re bound to do precisely that, selecting the top 5 players from each shoe brand and rank them from worst to best, trying to settle the never-ending dispute about the best shoe brand in the world.


4. Team Under Armour

Fadeaway World


Starting Lineup

Stephen Curry, Patty Mills, Emmanuel Mudiay, Kent Bazemore, Josh Jackson

Team Under Armour features some great player but absolutely no balance whatsoever, and it’s definitely the weakest of them all with low-profile guys like Mills and Bazemore and a youngster that’s already looking like a major bust in Emmanuel Mudiay.

Still, they got the best shooter in the history of the game and one of the most interesting prospects of this prior NBA Draft in Stephen Curry and Josh Jackson, so maybe their stock could really rise in the upcoming campaigns.


3. Team Adidas

Fadeaway World


Starting Lineup

Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, Nick Young, James Harden, Andrew Wiggins

Team Adidas looks quite interesting, and they could be a major threat from beyond the arc with prolific scorers from three like Damian Lillard, Nick Young and James Harden, while Wiggins and Rose’s athleticism balances the offense.

Lack of size and mediocre defense will be a huge issue for Team Adidas, as well as Derrick Rose’s health will always be a major concern. Still, with this kind of scorers, the fans are in for a treat whenever this team hits the floor.


2. Team Jordan

Fadeaway World


Starting Lineup

Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Blake Griffin

Now we found a way more balanced squad in team Jordan with the best point guard in the world, a walking triple-double threat, a couple of the best two-way players in the league and an athletic freak at center that’s bound to shatter the backboard with his monster dunks.

Having three of the best defenders in the league in Paul, Butler and Leonard as well as the chemistry Griffin and Paul developed during their Clippers stint, this team could pretty much beat every other 5 guys in the world, except for Team Nike maybe.


1. Team Nike

Fadeaway World


Starting Lineup

Kyrie Irving, Paul George, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis

And last but not least, we get the best shoe brand team in the NBA right now, featuring 4 players that could destroy anybody in isolation in Irving, George, James and Durant alongside a big man that has the skillset and ability of a point guard in Anthony Davis.

With James, Durant and Davis opposing squads would have a terrible time trying to score, while they could just light it up from downtown with some of the best shooters this game has ever seen. Team Jordan put it quite difficult, but there’s absolutely no doubt that if these 5 ballers teamed up, they could win the Golden Olympic medal with great ease. Oh, assuming Kyrie and James manage to bury the hatchet.

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