When the Boston Celtics started off the season with back-to-back losses, it turned off many people’s idea of them having a shot to play in June.

Gordon Hayward’s injury certainly didn’t help.

However, the C’s are that the early NBA season is never a good picture of reality for the rest of the year.

Down 18 points at halftime, Boston came roaring back to win the game versus the OKC Thunder, 101-94. Kyrie and Paul George each posted 25 in the win, making huge impacts for their squads on the offensive side of the ball. It’s the Celtics’ seventh straight win and has pushed them into sole possession of first place in the Eastern Conference.

It looks like things are picking up quickly in this new season. With the Celtics roaring to life after losing their second-biggest star, they could yet be the Cavs’ biggest threat.

It’s still early to take that any further. But with Uncle Drew leading the way, the sky is the limit for this torching hot squad.

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