Long removed from their glory days, the Miami Heat still managed to overacheive on what many were calling a “wasted” season.

Although they lost to Philly in the first round, even making the playoffs as a sixth seed was nice considering all the recent changes. But according to one inside source, this summer could bring about even more changes for the franchise… changes that could even see their prized big man wearing another jersey comes August.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

There is strong support among numerous people inside the Heat to trade Hassan Whiteside, and the question this offseason becomes this: To what measures will Pat Riley go to dump the two years and $52 million left on his contract.

Amid his public comments that he would intervene in the Whiteside/Erik Spoelstra disconnect, Riley is now mulling what to do with Whiteside, according to someone close to the situation.

It appears as though the Heat have a huge decision to make this summer.

Over the course of the 2017-18 campaign, Hassan Whiteside averaged a modest 14.3 points per game with 11.8 rebounds on 55% shooting. But even with those numbers, he’s failed truly take over as a leader, and many fear that he may have already reached his basketball peak.

But to move a two year/52 million dollar contract in a matter of months will prove challenging… especially considering the circumstances. Still, if anyone can do it, it’s Pat Riley.

As the summer slowly coasts on by, we’ll see just how many more tricks he has up his sleeve, or if he even chooses to trade the star big-man at all.

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