With the new Nike uniforms coming into effect this season, the sporting apparel brand took the opportunity to plaster their logo all over the NBA’s new uniforms.

The iconic Nike swoosh can be spotted on almost every part of the new uniforms, from the jersey and shorts, to the socks and compression equipment the players wear underneath.

Obviously, this free advertising doesn’t sit well with some of Nike’s competitors, including Adidas and Under Armor, and some of the star athletes for these brands have gone above and beyond to hide some of Nike’s trademark logos on their uniforms.

Both Steph Curry (Under Armor) and James Harden (Adidas) are facing off in the Western Conference Finals, and both have been spotted hiding Nike’s logo.

Via @nbahotshots/Instagram


Curry has folded over the top of his socks to hide the Nike logo on the top, and Harden has gone as far as cutting the top of his socks completely off to stop showing off Nike’s logo while he’s playing in Adidas shoes.

Pretty smart right?

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