Only a handful of players in the league can say that they have their very own signature shoe. But the group of players who are the face of an actual brand are even smaller than that. LeBron James is the face of Nike, James Harden took over from Derrick Rose as the face of Adidas, and Steph Curry forged his own path, opting against signing with the major basketball shoe brands to become the face of Under Armour.

For Steph, it was probably the best choice he could’ve made. Instead of being one of the minor players for Nike or Adidas, he instead chose to become of the UA’s biggest athletes, and it definitely paid off for him.

That being said though, there has to be a few occasions where Curry has probably wished he signed with Nike, especially with some of the designs Under Armour has given Curry for his signature shoe releases, and with pictures coming out of Steph’s newest signature shoe, he’s probably regretting his choice once again.

Under Armour has been pretty bad in the past with some of Curry’s shoe designs, as they simply don’t stack up to some of the releases Nike and Adidas have pumped out for their athlete’s shoe ranges. The newest samples are definitely an improvement on previous iterations, but Twitter definitely didn’t think so.

Given Steph’s injury history regarding his ankles, all of his shoes have in-built support around the ankle area, and to some, the added protection doesn’t do much for the eyes.

The comparisons don’t stop there.

Not gonna lie, the shoes are definitely on the bulky side, that’s for sure…

…But Minecraft boots may be taking it a tad too far.

Regardless of the look of the shoe, fans are still going to buy the shoes in droves because of Steph’s attached name, but you can only wonder how much better they’d sell with a swoosh or three stripes attached to the side as well.

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