For the first time in quite a while, the Spurs found themselves in a number of headlines this season… and for all the wrong reasons.

The Kahwi Leonard drama has seemingly reached its peak though, and as the free-agency period draws closer, any news regarding the status of their forward seems to indicate a truly fractured relationship with his team. For a time, rumors were swirling that he may end up in L.A., Philly, or elsewhere. Lately, however, reports are indicating the opposite.

One such report comes from Leonard’s own teammate, Danny Green, who said on ESPN’s morning show “Get Up,” that Kawhi told him that he wants to remain in San Antonio. Additionally, the Spurs are apparently going to offer Leonard the “supermax” extension this summer, in an attempt to repair the broken partnership.

Between those pieces of information, it’s appearing very likely that Leonard will remain with the Spurs, despite the friction this past season has created.

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