It’s a big summer for the NBA, as teams begin their race to climb the league’s heirarcy. Still, the Lakers find themselves facing a lot more noise than other teams this offseason, and with good reason.

The Lakers have the most open cap-space in the NBA this summer, meaning they can afford to sign several pricey contracts without having to make a ton of others moves to make it possible. This, coupled with the status of their young -core, make Los Angeles an extra lucrative destination this offseason.

For the first time in a while, L.A. is expected to make some serious moves as they attempt to put themselves back in Championship contention. ESPN’s Kevin Pelton recently discussed how this special summer could land the Lakers several big-name stars. And according to him, it’s all about timing.

Peyton writes that LeBron and PG13’s combined salary (assuming they get both), would cost the Lakers more than $65 million, leaving LA with no other choice than to trade a player like Luol Deng to San Antonio for Kawhi (though of course it would cost a lot more than that for the Spurs to give up Leonard).

Timing is the biggest challenge to the Lakers pulling off a big three this summer because a trade would have to happen before signing either free agent. Otherwise, a player like Deng would have already been waived, resulting in the loss of an important financial trading piece.

So, in short, the Lakers could end up with a legitimate “super” team. While the path is tough, there should definitely be reason for the rest of the league to worry.