One of the guaruntees this offseason was Chris Paul’s return to the Houston Rockets. In fact, reports have begun cirulating that CP has been recruiting LeBron James to town, with hopes of forming a new bg-three in H-Town.

Unfortunately, the Rockets have been eliminated from the LBJ sweepstakes of late, with indications that his family does not like the location. Worse still, Chris Paul isn’t even promised to come back next season either, per a new report by Fox Sport’s Chris Broussard:

“From what I’m told, there is tension now between Houston and Chris Paul. There was definitely some type of handshake, wink-wink, we’re going to max you out last summer. Now, they’re not so sure. Houston, with good reason, doesn’t want to do that.”

According to Broussard, the Rockets are being reluctant to offer CP3 the full max this summer. Rather, they’d prefer a shorter contract, either two or three years as opposed to four or five. Considering Chris Paul is currently a 33-year-old, injury prone point guard,  it’s totally understandable why that would be the case.

Still, the Rockets made a promise when they signed the All-Star point guard last summer. Despite the excuse of having new ownership since then, it likely wouldn’t sit well with Paul if Houston continues to struggle on following through on that promise.