As good as the Houston Rockets were last season, it wasn’t enough for them to get past the Warriors.

And, to make matters worse, they lost Trevor Ariza to the Suns this summer, who fit the team perfectly. They need a replacement, and Chris Paul has an idea as to who that guy should be.

Last season, Carmelo Anthony averaged 16.2 points on an abysmal 40.4% shooting mark. His fit alongside PG and Russ was just not there, and neither he or the Thunder was willing to give it another try this season, leading to a buyout or trade sometime later this summer. So far, the Lakers and Rockets are in leading contention. But one has to think Houston might be the better option.

While his role with the Rockets is questionable, his fit seems ideal for the style of ball in which they play. Melo is a great catch-and-shoot player who can help the team get out of offensive binds when they occur. He’d likely have to take a step-back and lessen his iso play dramatically, but he would almost surely start.

If Anthony is willing to make the necessary adjustments, he can resurrect his dying career in Houston. Who knows, it might even lead to a Championship.  Chris Paul, for one, would like to see that scenario play out.