Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade has been a staple part of the NBA since he was drafted back in 2003, becoming synonymous with the late 2000’s and early 2010’s eras of the NBA.

Alongside fellow players from his draft class LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, as well as the likes of Kobe Bryant, D-Wade became one of the premier players in the NBA, being named to 12 All-Star teams, and becoming a three-time NBA champ with his beloved Miami Heat.

Due to his age and the miles on his body, Wade’s game has began to dip over recent years, leaving the Heat in 2016 to play for his hometown Chicago Bulls, before teaming up with longtime friend LeBron James in Cleveland to begin the 2017-18 campaign. Wade lasted half a season in Cleveland, before both parties saw fit that Wade would be better suited heading back to Miami, a move that pleased NBA fans the world over, as Wade and the Heat are like bread and butter at this point.

D-Wade’s contract with the Heat ran out this summer, and almost 3 weeks into free agency, Dwyane has not signed with any teams. That’s not to say that the legendary shooting guard doesn’t have options, as it’s been reported that Wade may be weighing up retirement as well as returning to the Heat.

It’s also been rumored that a team from the Chinese Basketball Association has their eye on Wade, reportedly readying up to offer him a ‘monster’ contract that will dwarf any offers Wade will get from NBA teams.

Well, that monster offer has been revealed, and if accepted, would be the largest international basketball contract in history.

According to Sportando, the Zhejiang Golden Bulls have offered Wade a 3-year/$25 million contract.

The offer coincides with Wade signing a lifetime deal with the Chinese apparel company Li-Ning earlier this week, as well as Wade being in China promoting his new ‘Way of Wade 7’ shoe line.

If accepted, the move to China would easily make Dwyane Wade the best player to ever play in the CBA, as the likes of Jimmer Fredette, Jared Sullinger and Stephon Marbury have all dominated over in China. On top of that, Wade would be making bank, not only from his contract, but the jump in sales his shoes and merchandise would receive from Wade playing over there.

The cons of the deal obviously include the fact Wade would have to move to China for three years to play most likely his final years of basketball, not to mention the fact Zhejiang isn’t a large city to begin with.

Wade’s decision will now hinge on what he values more: Finishing off his career in the NBA as a member of the Miami Heat where it all started to complete his legacy as a top 3 shooting guard of all-time, or heading over to China to build his personal brand for when he does decide to hang them up eventually.

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