LeBron James is usually not one to let his emotions get the better of him while on an NBA court, as James has enough poise and is level-headed enough to realise getting unreasonably angry in the NBA doesn’t really get you anywhere, as evidenced by the fact James has only ever been tossed once out of a game in his entire 15-year career.

But when it comes to LeBron James the parent, not the NBA player, those rules fly out the window judging by footage of the four-time MVP getting angry at a ref during his son Bronny’s Blue Chip game.

LeBron was in attendance once again for his eldest son’s basketball game, an outing that has fans flocking from all over to see his son ball out, as well as catch a glimpse of King James on the sidelines. But when Bronny Jr. got called for a foul late in a tight game, LeBron was not happy.

Bronny went for a strip at half court, and after the ball was poked loose, a whistle was blown and Bronny was pegged for reaching in. James was not a big fan of the call, and was talking to someone on the sidelines, perhaps to himself, perhaps to the ref. When the ref assumed James was having a go at him for the call, he told James to quiet down, before LeBron corrected the ref and told him he wasn’t directing his words towards the official, which seemed to irk him even more.

In the end, James wasn’t tossed out, and Bronny led his team to an overtime win, defeating the other team 71-70.

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