Sometimes, enough is just enough.

With the Warriors and the Cavaliers meeting in the Finals for the past four summers, tensions had already reached an all-time high between the two ballclubs and their players. It was the worst for Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson though, who talked about meeting up to literally beat each other up.

It climaxed during an ESPYS after party, where TT apparently socked Draymond in the face. Original stories claim that he either “came out of nowhere,” or punched Dray after he tried to issue an apology to him. Draymond has responded, of course, with talk about how the story is being completely blown.

Still, this all proves the feelings around the league that T.T. and Green have beef that extends beyond basketball.

According to Pablo Torre, there’s even more.

“What I have learned, talking to people that I trust in these circumstances, is that Draymond was teasing Tristan Thompson at multiple locations that night.” said Torre in a chat with Bomani Jones on ESPN. “It turns out there was a party at Highlight Room that LeBron was having. Tristan and Draymond were there. Draymond may or may not have been saying things along the lines of Khloe Kardashian jokes, jokes about how now that LeBron has left Tristan that his career is on the outs. And then there was the second location, Bomani, Delilah in Hollywood. And it seems to be another LeBron-type event. And this is where the face-mushing happens. And I would clarify that there were exchanges, I was told – exchanges verbal and physical. It wasn’t a one-sided thing.”

It’s not often that we witness on-court rivalries take such an aggresive form off the court, especially in today’s NBA.

This thing with TT and Draymond is showing us all that trash talk really does have real-life consequences. And, whether you like it or not, this situation is unlikely to get better anytime soon. Especially with these new details.

The next matchup between these guys is sure to be one heck of a show.

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