Is Steph Curry a Warrior for life?

In a recent sit-down on the Bill Simmons podcast, the 2x MVP spoke on whether or not he’d like to finish his career with the Golden State Warriors:

“For sure I do,” Curry said. “This is home. This is where I want to be, for obvious reasons.”

He went on to describe how Oakland has become his new home away from home.

“I love the Bay Area, man,” Curry continued. “The only reason I go home now is if my sister’s getting married or to go play the Hornets for that one game, so I haven’t really been back much. I haven’t put my mind there.”

After being selected 7th overall in the 2009 NBA draft, Curry has gone on to cement a legacy as the greatest shooter of All-Time. With three Championships, two MVP’s, and a whole lot of record-breaking stats, Steph has certainly surpassed expectations since his days in Davidson college.

And while there have been talks of him one day returning to Charlotte (the city in which he grew up), it seems that there’s just too much history in The Bay to turn back now.

At least as far as he is concerned, Steph Curry is indeed a Warrior for life. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

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