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Every single NBA fan that loved to watch the league in the 90’s remembers the Sonics. The Seattle Supersonics had one of the strongest fan bases in the league and were one of the most exciting teams to watch for a very long period of time.

They weren’t as successful as they could’ve been had they played in a different era, but for most of their prime, they had to share the league with some guy named Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls.

We all miss the Sonics, but hey, at least their departure gave us the Oklahoma City Thunder, a perennial contending team that has also had a hell of a run. Today, we’re going to talk about who would win in a 7 game series between the All-Time Sonics team vs the All-Time Thunder team.


All-Time Sonics Team: Gary Payton, Dennis Johnson, Detlef Schrempf, Shawn Kemp, Spencer Haywood

The All-Time Sonics squad features one of the most underrated point guards ever in Gary Payton, a guy that could lock down the best scoring guards in the world and then light it up in the other end of the hardwood. Next to him, we’ve got Dennis Johnson, another outstanding defender that could play either guard spot, and that was an explosive dunker and athletic freak despite his height.

To round-up the frontcourt, we find Detlef Schrempf, one of the best sharpshooters in the history of the game, and a hard-working guy that knew how to embrace his offensive role. Spencer Haywood is the main guy down low, one of the most dominant presences below the rim in the 70’s. To make things even scarier, we got Shawn Kemp at the PF spot, one of the most explosive and strong players to ever set foot on an NBA hardwood.


All-Time Thunder Team: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, Steven Adams

The Oklahoma City Thunder All-Time Squad has three of the most versatile and dominant scorers this game has ever seen. Westbrook, Harden and Durant are all more than capable of handling the playmaking duties and playing off-ball, and the three of them playing together in their prime would be virtually unstoppable.

If they share the wealth as they should, there’s simply no defense in the world that could stop this three headed-monster, not to to mention the fact that they round up this squad with a couple of hard-nosed defenders, an elite rim protector in Serge Ibaka; and a very physical presence down low with Steven Adams.

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Who Would Win?

Truth to be told, the All-Time Thunder squad features more talent, especially in the offensive end of the hardwood, with three MVPs sharing the court at the same time in Durant, Westbrook and Harden, three guys that can light it up on a nightly basis and put on a show as if we were on an All-Star game.

Kemp and Haywood would really go at it against Ibaka and Adams in one of the most physical battles this league may ever see, with the Sonics frontcourt having the upper hand due to their craftiness and explosiveness.

In the defensive end of the floor, the Sonics have the advantage with Gary Payton and Dennis Johnson locking up the backcourt, while Schrempf was also quite an underrated wing stopper himself.

At the end of the day, this series would be one of the most interesting series, but Oklahoma City Thunder have a better starting lineup and offensive talents than Seattle Supersonics.

Even though the Supersonics have Gary Payton on the defensive end, they don’t have players who would stop James Harden and Kevin Durant. Seattle would win 2 games, and that will be maximum for them in this series.

Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Seattle Supersonics 4-2

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