It was a moment that had people everywhere speculating what LeBron James and Lonzo Ball were saying to each other at the end of a regular season match earlier this year.

Now that he is officially a Laker and a current teammate of Ball, LeBron has revealed to the media what exactly he told Lonzo after the game.

In an interview with ESPN LA’s Mason and Ireland, LeBron claimed that he was giving advice to the young Laker about not caught up listening to others and committing yourself to the game.

“The gist of it was at the end of the day, no one can define who you are but yourself. When you’re young, you can get caught up and listening to what people say, what people thinking that you should be, what people saying what your game should be. But at the end of the day, no one can define who are you besides yourself. If you put in the work, you commit to the game, then the game will give back to you. And that’s all it’s about.”

Many people had the idea in their head that LeBron and Lonzo were discussing a possible move to L.A. for the four-time NBA MVP. As much as we thought, it turns out that nothing about that secret chat had anything to do with the King’s eventual move in this year’s offseason.

We’ll never know when exactly LeBron James decided he wanted to leave Cleveland to come and play for the Lakers in L.A. Nether the less, the basketball world will be glued to their TV’s when LeBron James runs out onto the court for the first time in Yellow and Purple.