Remember last season when the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans faced off, and both Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins got tossed out of the game, and tried to fight each other in the hall to the locker rooms?

Well, this upcoming season, the pair of All-Stars are now teammates in Golden State, and the media were quick to question if there was still any animosity between the two after Cousins had joined the Warriors. The two wanted to duke it out only a couple of months prior, so the questions were understandable.

Cousins did say during his introductory press conference that he, Durant and Draymond Green may as well fight it out at least once to get things over and done with so they can be actual teammates, and it seems that’s actually happened prior to the Warriors’ open practice this week.

KD and Boogie were spotted wrestling on their way out to the court, if only for a few seconds.

Obviously, the “fight” was all in good fun, making fun of the reporters who made their beef such a big deal, but it does show that Durant and Cousins are already over whatever they had between each other last season.

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