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It seems as though the Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond could be in a lot of strife in about nine months.

The two-time All-Star’s recent relationships may have come back to bite him on his behind, as it’s rumored that two different girls are trying to claim they are the mother of Drummond’s children-to-be.

Back in May, Instagram model Elizabeth Costadoni posted a birthday video that showed her blowing out candles while Andre Drummond looked on by her side and recorded her.


At the time of this video, her and Drummond were in a relationship. But since then, Costadoni has deleted every single post with Drummond in it, suggesting that she and the center have broken up.

But only last month, the model posted a video of an ultrasound, which could or could not be Drummond’s child.


Now, in regards to the other girl, going by Abigail Russo, that Instagram model is apparently Drummond’s new girlfriend, posting pictures to her Instagram story while at a Pistons’ game insinuating she and Andre were dating.

But according to Sports Gossip, apparently Drummond doesn’t even know who this girl is! An Anonomous source informed Sports Gossip that this girl is also claiming to be carrying Drummond’s child.

“I used to dance with Abigail Russo in Miami, she has a pimp. That’s not his girlfriend lol she wants clout that’s why she posted him. when she met Andre she deleted her Instagram and made a new one to make herself look like wife material. she is desperate to be wifed by an athlete. When the news released about Elizabeth being pregnant she pretended she was pregnant too lol. She is a stripper that sells her body. I believe Elizabeth’s baby is his, her highlight says bebe drumm. Elizabeth deleted all her pics of them on insta a couple months ago and Abigail seems like just a recent fling, I never see her around him besides that night.”

This story just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

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