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Many have dreamed of being able to check out LeBron James’ very own mansion, for LeBron James Jr’s friend and AUU teammate, Mikey Williams, was lucky enough to be invited round to Los Angeles home.

However, this might be the one and only time that Mikey will get to experience what LeBron’s house is really like. In an Instagram Live video, Mikey Williams hosted an unauthorized tour of LeBron’s expensive garage, even getting behind the wheels of some of the cars inside. It’s fair to say that LeBron won’t be too pleased with a friend of his sons touching and showing off some of his prized possessions.

One YouTube comment summed up everyone’s thoughts quite well:

“Mikey that friend that come over who curious and go around touching shit and Bronny is the child that lives there like “dude you gone get me trouble we ain’t suppose to be in here or messing with stuff.”

LeBron James recently moved from the Cavaliers to the Lakers this offseason and the entire basketball world are more than curious about what LeBron can achieve in Los Angeles.

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