To trade, or not to trade, that’s the question the Minnesota Timberolvwes find themselves facing right now.

For a while there, most thought he’d be gone way before the season was set to start. Though, now, people aren’t sure if he’ll be traded at all. Neither do the T-Wolves at this point, either.

They haven’t found a suitable deal yet, and are now apparently prepping to start their season with him.

It was revealed a while go that Butler had returned to Minnesota to double down on his previous trade requests. As  Jon Krawczynski of the Athletic reports, however, a deal is not imminent, and the team is readying to keep him for the time being.

Obviously, this will cause some serious chemistry/locker room issues for the club, but clearly, it’s something the team is willing to put up with until they find a deal more suitable to their requests… whenever that might be.

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