If last summer was the summer of LeBron, then this summer will be the summer of Kevin Durant.

In what could be his last season with the Warriors, there’s a certain level of urgency for the Dubs, for KD, and for the three teams reportedly itching for his services.

(via Chris Haynes):

The New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers will take a run at the back-to-back Finals MVP, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Personnel from the Clippers are expected to attend a high number of Warriors games this season, sources said.

Rival executives are of the belief that Durant, unlike the previous two summers he hit free agency with the Warriors, might be swayed to leave the Bay Area this time around.

The Knicks are likely to face another tough season, as they continue to build on some of the young stars they’ve acquired. With a changing culture and an improving future, they are most definitely in the KD sweepstakes and acquiring him would finally complete their decade-long rebuild.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the Lakers are still enjoying the addition of LeBron James, but are still searching for someone to help him out. While KD would obviously play more than a “sidekick” role, the pairing of him and LeBron would almost guarantee a Championship for the Lakers.

Out of all the teams though, the Clippers seem to be the most engaged, as Yahoo Sports Chris Haynes was quick to point out their intention to attend his games this season. When summer comes, we’ll see if they can make a compelling enough case.

No matter the path KD chooses, it’ll no doubt shake up the league in a monumental way. Of course, we’ll have to wait a few more months until we find out how, but it’ll be fun to see these teams competing anyway.

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