It takes a special set of circumstances to be a player with the most losses in NBA history.

It may be unlucky in a sense, as a player has to be good enough to have a long career in the NBA, and be able to make the 15-man roster year after year, while also being unlucky enough to be blessed with playing on some of the worst teams in the NBA every single season.

Obviously, being the player who holds the record for ‘Most Losses in NBA History’ is a title no one wants to hold, but it has to go to someone, and we’re going to count down the 10 players who have lost the most NBA games over the course of their careers.


10. Joe Johnson – 680 Losses



9. Andre Miller – 681 Losses


8. Johnny Newman – 687 Losses


7. Reggie Miller – 690 Losses


6. Jason Terry – 697 Losses


5. Elvin Hayes – 700 Losses


4. Kevin Garnett – 710 Losses


3. Jamal Crawford – 711 Losses


2. Kevin Willis – 715 Losses


1. Vince Carter – 716 Losses