The Jimmy Butler noise has slowed to a near halt since the season began.

Not only has the Wolves’ asking price remained ridiculously high, but Butler may have hurt his own stock by embarrassing the organization and exposing their internal problems.

Despite all that, there’s apparently a good chance that Butler will be traded soon… very soon.

(via Burt Steele)

Inside sources have told me that Butler will 100% be a Rocket by 5:45 Tuesday evening. You heard it here first.

Last we heard, Minnesota had no interest in taking Houston’s package of four first-rounders and Eric Gordon. It appears, out of either desperation or a change of heart, that the Wolves brass have reconsidered the Rockets’ offer.

In the midst of a rather underwhelming 4-6 start, the upper management may be ready to give up on trying to compete this season. Jimmy Butler has been in and out of games, the chemistry is all out of wack, and the team is just steps behind the Western elite.

On the flip side, Houston is dealing with a similar sense of desperation. Sitting at 13th in the West with a 3-5 record, the Rockets are struggling to maintain their pace from last season. The addition of Butler might change that.

If we are to believe Steele’s report, then we ought to expect this Butler drama to finally get resolved. But we’ll see if this deal will change anything.

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