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No doubt, the Cleveland Cavaliers are dreaming of a future with Zion.

The Duke star has been putting on a show in Durham, capturing the attention of everyone in the basketball world.

No doubt, one team desiring his services most has got to be the Cavaliers. Following LeBron’s departure this past summer, they’ve been unable to pull themselves from the Eastern Conference basement.

So, not only do they need Zion, but they’ll be one of the teams with the best chance to get him.

With this reality in mind, NBA 2k montage creator Shady0018 made a video showing a created version of Williamson throwing down his signature slams in a Cavs uniform.

(h/t Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson)

Yeah, it looks pretty good, and very similar to the style LeBron James plays.

Obviously there is no promise he’s coming to The Land, but there’s probably no team hoping more for it than them.

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