Credit: zappyzip

Such is the talent and skill of athletes in the NBA that many of them develop a sort of cult following throughout their careers. Some fans go crazy and do everything they can to get closer to their idols… including tattooing pictures of athletes on themselves to show their support.

You can search online ad infinitum and discover many pictures of the likes of LeBron, Jordan or Steph Curry inked onto the bodies of devoted NBA fans. Many athletes in the NBA have tattoos of their own to show important people in their lives or mantras they wish to live by.

Some stars even have their own tattoo artists. Steph Curry does and he showed his guy a lot of appreciation recently by tattooing his autograph on the artist’s leg.

Nino Lapid, Curry’s tattoo artist, wrote

“Aside from my daughter being born, this is maybe one of those times in my life that my reality superseded my dreams. Thanks @stephencurry30 for the rad tattoo. I promise not to sell my leg on eBay.”

I don’t believe him. Anything personally signed by Steph Curry will be worth a lot of money so don’t be surprised to see that leg on eBay sometime soon.

You can see the tattoo right here.

You can check his page here.