This Anthony Davis to the Lakers narrative has been shoved down our throats for what seems like forever now.

There’s no real evidence the team is serious about dealing him, there’s no evidence Anthony Davis is unhappy, and there’s really nothing beyond speculation that tells us anything about an AD departure.

Despite it all, the feeling that something is brewing in Lakerland is a hard one to shake.

The fans feel it, the media feels it, and the NBA front-offices feel it. Something is happening — or more like, something has been happening.

Interestingly enough, veteran sportswriter Chris Sheridan of may have explained why we can’t stop talking about A.D. wearing the purple and gold.

Without additional details, it’s hard to know exactly how far the team has gotten in their plans. “In the works,” doesn’t exactly say a whole lot to us in that regard.

The only thing we can really infer from the quote is that  (1) the Lakers have had their eyes locked on Davis for a number of seasons now, and (2) the Pelicans are facing increased pressure to build a working, competing team around their star. And since this deal has apparently been a possibility for a while now, it adds some validity to the rumors we’ve been hearing all year.

Between now and the end of the season, if this report is true, don’t be surprised to see the Lakers increase their aggression in their trade pursuits of the superstar big man. Besides, it’s not like the Lakers don’t have some intriguing pieces to give up in return. Good thing they didn’t trade any of them for Butler, huh?

Then again, maybe that was all just a part of the plan all along…

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