It was a heck of a run for Kyle Korver and his time in Cleveland.

He was an essential part of the team, with his unmatched 3-point shooting ability consistently coming in clutch for LeBron James and the club.

So when he was recently traded by the team, it came as no shock to anyone. He fulfilled his role in Cleveland and had no place in the rebuilding Cavaliers.

What you may not have known was that Korver had actually reached a prior agreement with Cleveland, one that involved the future of LeBron James.

Per The Athletic‘s Joe Vardon, Korver was traded as part of a “gentleman’s agreement” he had with Cleveland’s management during contract negotiations last year. Korver re-signed with the Cavaliers in July of 2017 for three years and $22 million — which also included a request that he be traded, or bought out, in the event that LeBron James would leave Cleveland as a free agent in the 2018 offseason.

So, Korver knew that once LeBron James left, the Cavaliers would have no chance of competing. And at this stage of his career, Korver can’t really afford to spend time with losing teams.

In this case, the Cavs made the right move trading Korver. Nobody is arguing otherwise.

But the fact that he wanted no part of the team without LBJ really speaks volumes to just how much of an impact The King really has.

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