Things got a little chippy in the Mavs’ 114 -110 win over the Clippers last night.

In a battle for a loose ball, both Dennis Smith Jr and Patrick Beverley tackle the ball, and each other, in the process. Beverley elbowed Smith during the scuffle, knocking out one his teeth.

Losing a tooth didn’t slow down Smith Jr., as he still wound up playing over 30 minutes in the game for the Mavs. In fact, he was quick to plaster that tooth on and continue with the game. Still, it wasn’t a pretty sight for the fans.

No foul was called on this play, but Beverley did end up getting ejected after throwing a ball towards a fan who told him “F—- your mother.”

This was an interesting game, to say the least. The Mavs were able to pull over .500 and the Clippers lost their first-place standing in the Conference.

It was a tough game in all ends. But to grab a W in the Western Conference nowadays, you’ve got to play it tough.

Though, next time, it’d be nice if everyone kept their teeth in their mouths.

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