If you’re the Cavs, what on earth do you do with Kevin Love?

He says he’s committed to the franchise, and he’d be a good player to lead the young guys while giving the fans a star to watch at the same time.

Yet, despite the positives of keeping him on, Love’s future in The Land has never been so uncertain.

(via The Athletic)

“Love, who is 30 and has missed at least 20 games due to injury in the last three seasons, wants to play. Like the rest of the team’s veterans, he was upset by the turn in direction of the franchise and spent some extended time away for the first few weeks following surgery, but wants to stay in Cleveland and has not asked for a trade. However, he sees a scenario in which he could be traded, if the Cavs wanted and were able to acquire a package of picks, younger players and tradable contracts.”

“Cavs officials, speaking on background, said there has been no discussion of trading Love and they want him to be on the court with rookie Collin Sexton. Rival league executives point to Love’s contract — he’s making $24.2 million this season — and his injuries as roadblocks to him being moved.”

While Love has not given up yet, it seems he’s not a fan of the direction Cleveland is going. Just a few months following LeBron’s departure, and it’s tank season once again for the team.

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers have got to be asking themselves if keeping Love around is really in the best interest of the team. If they can get a draft pick or more young players (like the article says), why not go all-in?

No doubt, it’ll be a time of decision making for Cleveland. They’ll have to decide just how much of their present they’re willing to give up for the future.