Kobe Bryant knows a thing or two about succeeding in the NBA.

The 18x All-Star is also a 5x Champion. He’s just a winner, through and through.

And when asked about the Lakers chances of winning, the Mamba stood strong in his faith for the team during the Lakers’ “All-Access” event at the Staples Center.

“Of course they will. Of course they will,” Bryant said when asked if the Lakers will win a championship.

He even took a little shot at the Warriors while he was at it.

“They have determination to figure it out. They will figure it out. They have talented pieces and (Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka) has put them in position with incredible flexibility. So enjoy the journey because we’ll be champions before you know it. Then we’ll just be laughing at all the Warrior fans who all of the sudden came out of nowhere … I remember going there to play, looking around and seeing a lot of Lakers jerseys in the stands. Now all of a sudden, I’m like, ‘What the…?”

For Kobe, winning another Chip with LeBron is inevitable.

And with James averaging 27.8 points, 7.7 rebounds and 6.7 assists this season for the Lakers, he’s certainly doing his part.

As for the Warriors? Well, Kobe certainly wouldn’t be the first one to take a shot at them. And he definitely isn’t wrong about all the bandwagon fans.

When everything comes to a head in April, we’ll see if these Lakers can back up the hype Kobe and others are throwing their way.

Though, something tells me they’ll be just fine.