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Being tall and athletic is obviously a huge boost if you want to play basketball, and if you want to make it to the NBA, your body definitely needs to stand out from the pack, at least when it comes to its measures.

Nonetheless, when you take a look at a young man like Robert Bobroczky, even NBA players tend to look tiny, and the first thing that pops in your mind is “wow, that guy should play in the NBA”.

Robert Bobroczky is a 16-year-old kid from Romania that has currently enrolled in Spire Institute in Ohio, and, against all odds, he’s gotten even more attention than his star teammate, LaMelo Ball.

Bobroczky is already 7’7’’ and could even grow a couple extra inches, and his love for basketball and sweet shooting stroke combined with his physical gifts has helped him get the attention from several scouts across Spain and the U.S.

Naturally, him being as skinny as he is, he needs to follow quite a strict diet, while he’s also been forced to follow a minutes restriction so far as he pursues his dream to become an NBA star.

As a matter of fact, Robert has to eat between 5,000 and 6,000 calories a day, compared to most people’s 2,000; and his teammates and medical staff actually praise the commitment he’s put on his nutrition and health plan.

According to scouts, he’s got all the tools and the perfect skill set to make it in today’s basketball, as he’s got a great face-up game, a great court vision and passing ability, a nice touch from mid and long-range, and even a well-versed feet game.

Naturally, Robert dunks with great ease and has huge hands that can really help in the defensive end of the hardwood, a couple of physical advantages that would make any big man thrive in most basketball leagues.

Growing up, his father told him that being that tall was either a blessing or a curse, depending on how he saw it. So, after struggling as a “different” kid, he decided to embrace his height and play basketball to prove that he could make the most of what nature gave him.

Robert is a high school senior so he’s likely headed to the NCAA, but, all jokes aside, there are serious concerns regarding his health and ability to establish himself as a reliable and consistent NBA player.

For context, we’re talking about a guy that’s taller than Yao Ming and Boban Marjanovic and the same height as Manute Bol, who never averaged over 26 minutes per game throughout his entire career, while also vastly struggling with arthritis and other health-related complications.

Also, even though he’s quite gifted with the rock on his hands, he still looks a bit out of control and can get clumsy at times, something that will only change once he’s gotten more used to the pace of the game.

On a side note, several schools have decided not to play against his team, but not because of him, but because of the fact that LaMelo Ball has already played professional basketball in Lithuania and they feel as if they were just used for his self-promotion and highlight videos. Also, it’s not really fair for those amateur kids.

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