With all the trade rumors going around lately, it;s only natural that stars begin to respond.

For NBA star Damian Lillard, he took some time to comment on these recent rumors about him being traded to L.A., saying that while he liked the idea of playing with LeBron James, his loyalty still lies with the Blazers.

“I love where I am,” Lillard said to Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report. “I play for a great organization. I’m not looking for nothing. I think we’d complement each other well, but the only way that ever happens is if my team decides they don’t want me no more. I’m trying to build something here.”

You’ve got to commend Lillard’s loyalty here. He hasn’t shown an inkling of wanting out despite a streak of mediocre seasons by the Blazers. That’s a level of commitment we don’t see too often nowadays.

In the West, it’s hard to win without having a superteam. To bring one to Portland would be difficult but to L.A.? It’d be a whole lot easier for Damian to succeed with the Lakers. And playing with LeBron is clearly something he’d be up for, at the very least.

Regardless, the future of Lillard and the Trailblazers depends on what the team decides to do. Dame was clear in leaving it up to them. So as long as they show Lillard the same loyalty he’s showed them, there likely shouldn’t be any problems securing his services long-term. And if they want to trade him?

Well, you at least know one of the teams that will be waiting.

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