When you hear a trade rumor nowadays, it’s unlikely that the Lakers aren’t associated by some way or another.

It makes a lot of sense, too. With LeBron James on the squad, no secondary star to back him up, the team is no doubt looking to bring in some help. And they’ve got the pieces to do it.

According to Kevin Broom of SB Nation’s Bullets ForeverJohn Wall and Lonzo Ball are the latest names rumored to be in trade talks for L.A.

“Source No. 1, a current NBA agent, surprised me by saying the story was true. The source said it’s something Rich Paul — agent to LeBron James and, as of January 2016, John Wall — was orchestrating. But, according to this source, the Wizards were saying no. I was still dubious, so I checked with Source No. 2, another current NBA agent who’s at least as dialed in as Source No. 1. Source No. 2 said the rumor is true. This source said Ball and Caldwell-Pope were definitely in the deal, but that there was still discussion whether the third player would be Ingram, Josh Hart, or Kyle Kuzma.”

Lonzo Ball has often been hailed as a nice complementary point guard. It would anger Laker Nation if he were traded. Then again, if you can get a guy like John Wall in exchange, who would say no to that?

True, his ridiculous contract would have the Lakers paying him a whole lot of money for the next couple of years. Also true, Wall has had trouble shooting the ball on the offensive end and has been rumored to have issues in the locker room.

Trading Lonzo is hard enough, especially if it’d involve dealing Kuzma or Hart. But if it’s for the right player, it may just pay off.

Now, the team will have to decide if John Wall is the right player.