Subtlety may not be one of Scotty Pippen’s greatest attributes as the six-time NBA champion has let everyone know that he’s single and well and truly back on the market.

The retired Chicago Bulls legend has gone through a recent divorce and he might be ready to move on with the 53-year-old setting his sights on ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. After Nichols posted on Instagram a shot of her long legs with her new set of high heels, Pippen was quick to react.

Pippen replied by sending the eyes emoji in the comment section of the picture causing a lot of attention from NBA fans.

To think about Pippen and Nichols getting together is more than a little weird considering the two are colleagues during the NBA season. Not to mention, Rachel Nichols is a taken woman and it’d be more than highly unlikely to see her finishing her marriage up just to connect with Scottie Pippen.

Although this may count as a strikeout for the veteran superstar, Scottie Pippen shouldn’t be discouraged to keep trying until he gets it right.

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