Yesterday, we heard rumors that a deal between the Lakers and Suns for Trevor Ariza was a “done deal.” Today, it’s no longer imminent. True, Trevor Ariza is a good player that would fit perfectly alongside LeBron and the Lakers.

But is he worth giving up one of their talented young players?

According to Brad Turner, the Lakers don’t think so, and it could be holding things

If the Lakers want to make a deal, even for a guy like Ariza, they’re going to have to give someone up. KCP by himself is probably not going to be enough.

So where does it put things for Ariza and the Lakers? Probably nowhere. Clearly, the Suns don’t want to deal with L.A. if it doesn’t include one player from their young core. Unless they can find a third team that’ll have enough to change things up, then one probably isn’t getting done.

It’ll take time to determine whether or not keeping these young guys is a better deal than trading them for established players. Magic Johnson and the Lakers better hope it is.

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