It’s the great basketball G.O.A.T. debate — one conversation that humanity just can’t agree on anymore. And while everybody is debating LeBron vs Jordan, Lil Wayne is out here picking Kobe.

Yeah, you read right.

In a sit down with Branded Sports, in an episode of “The Bumbu Room,” the rapper legend answered a ton questions about life, music, and basketball. When asked who was better between Jordan or LeBron he, in a very apologetic tone, picked the 5x NBA Champ.

“These days they think the tough question is Jordan or LeBron. No. Jordan or Kobe is the tough question … but it’s Kobe.”

Nowadays, this take is about as hot as it gets. With 5 Championships, the second-most scored points ever, and a reputation for his winning attitude, Bryant is definitely considered amongst the best. To say he’s better than Jordan, or even LeBron at this point is an idea most people aren’t willing to consider.

Good thing The Mamba has got Lil Wayne in his corner now, at least.

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