Although I will never forgive Zaza for what he did to Kawhi Leonard in the 2017 Conference Finals he does come up with some pretty funny moments thanks to his sense of humor. He is still good friends with a lot of his former teammates, including Kevin Durant from his recent time with the Golden State Warriors.

On Monday the Memphis Grizzlies played against the Warriors at Oracle Arena. The Warriors won by 17 by Omri Casspi, a former Warrior himself, managed to score 20 points in only 21 minutes against the Dubs.

Zaza Pachulia let Kevin Durant know about this by texting KD to annoy him as friends do. Durant was responsible for letting Casspi score that many points given that Omri’s season average this year is only 5.4 a game.

Hopefully, Zaza scores 50 on Durant when Zaza’s Pistons play the Warriors this season. Just imagine the trolling Zaza could unleash then.

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