It’s been guessing as far as trying to determine what’s next for Carmelo Anthony. While some are assuming he won’t be back in the league at all, others are convinced he’ll either join the Lakers, Warriors, or Heat. Of course, nobody can agree on which team has the advantage, only that those three are the most realistic options.

Recently, the 10x All-Star has displayed some very curious Twitter behavior, only contributing to the confusion about where he might be headed.

Here’s what he Tweeted, before promptly deleting them later:

He reached out to LeBron, Steph, and KD via Twitter, with very ominous hype language.

Without a single word on the incident, we can’t be sure if this was intentional. While it has the smell of a hack, it might be Melo’s subtle way of getting his name back in the news.

All of this comes after he was seen having dinner with LeBron, and LeBron even saying he’d love to play with him. Thing is, the Warriors could provide more benefits to Anthony. He could go and win a ring while having some fun in Oakland. He’s not needed in Golden State, sure, but neither was Nick Young, David West, or even Kevin Durant for that matter.

As time ticks on for the 2018/19 season, both Carmelo and any interested parties are preparing to make their final moves. The mid-season grind is here, and a player like Anthony might just help a contender push through.

The bigger question now is if it’ll be with Golden State or Los Angeles.

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