Just a few days ago, media published that LeBron James only been blocked 9 times on over 1850 dunk attempts, but today Basketball Examined published that LeBron James has been blocked more than 9 times in his career.

LeBron James has been in the league for 15 and a half seasons and playing that many games and being on the court for so many minutes, you may expect him to get his shot blocked every now and then.

Even so, with him being one of the most explosive and unstoppable drivers and dunkers this game has ever seen, he’s actually not an easy guy to swat, especially if we’re talking about a dunk.

Despite his age, LeBron’s body is still quite strong, and there are just a handful of guys brave enough to try and contest a dunk from a 6’8’’ 249-pound bulldozer. As a matter of fact, he’s only been blocked 9 times on over 1850 dunk attempts, and today, we’re going to honor the players that have been able to do it.

Yes, ESPN only counted regular games, but they missed a few more dunks that you can see on the video below.

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