As the NBA is warning it’s members about tampering (and the consequences that result) LeBron James continues to walk the dotted line. No doubt angering every GM in the league.

A few days ago, he was caught in a controversy for his comments about saying he’d love to play with Anthony Davis. Small-market executives were convinced he should be fined for tampering, but the league ruled he didn’t technically break any laws, so no punishment was handed down.

Following all of this tampering chatter, LeBron fearlessly sent this tweet out about Kawhi Leonard on Friday:

Basically, James is doing everything he can to make a good impression on these upcoming Free Agent stars without breaking the rules.

But he is cutting it close.

Although LeBron tweeting about a soon to be Free Agent the same day the NBA sends outs it’s warning about tampering is poking the bear, these recruitment efforts are nothing new. Unfortunately for James, it’ll likely take more than a few tweets and comments to make him feel like playing sidekick for the purple and gold.

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