Sometimes, life requires us to make tough decisions. To make decisions that we might not like.

That’s the situation the Washington Wizards find themselves in now, with the team running out of options as December draws to a close.

The team isn’t good, and to make something happen, they’ll have to make a trade. John Wall is virtually untradeable at this point, putting Bradley Beal or Otto Porter Jr as the next likely players to walk.

(via Keith Smith)

Talking to teams this afternoon, they said the Wizards had cooled on trade talks over the last couple of weeks. Several expect to re-engage them now. One team told me “They’ve got to move on from Beal or Porter now, just to clear up the cap some. Vultures are starting to circle.”

As trade talks re-engage, both Beal and Porter are going to generate a lot of interest. They are solid young scorers that’ll be a perfect fit alongside any team. The Lakers, Celtics, and Suns are some teams with enough assets to make an intriguing enough offer.

Regardless, something is going to give in Washington. It’s only a matter of time before they find some of their core players being shipped off in new directions.

They won’t like it, it’ll be tough, but it’s the Wizards only option. At this point, a full rebuild is their only hope of salvation.

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