We all have a journey. And, whether we like it or not, the journey isn’t always pretty.

Somehow, LeBron’s middle school 8th-grade yearbook got leaked, and it shows the perfect example of a cringe-worthy part of LeBron’s amazing life story. It’s not really his fault, to be fair, but it is definitely causing waves on the internet today.

So, to recap,  not only did the yearbook screw up the spelling of James’s name, calling him “LaBron,” they also listed him under the wrong picture. Instead, the basketball phenom was listed under the name “Michael Quinn.”

To make matters even worse, LeBron didn’t win the school’s “Most Athletic” award, instead deciding to give it to a guy named Virgil Robinson.

That’s a yikes if I’ve ever seen one. Honestly, there’s no recovering from those mistakes. Fortunately, it has given everyone a good laugh more than anything.

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