The narrative surrounding LeBron James’ career has always been what kind of pieces he has had around him. There are points when he has had almost no help, and there are points when he has had had almost too much help. Whatever the case, we can at least agree that LeBron James makes a monumental impact on the team’s he has played for.

That is especially true these past two years, and this latets stat (pointed out by Reddit user u/oakled) proves it.

This latest win by the Lakers is the first time any LeBron James team has won without him since March 29th, 2016. That equates to 13 games leading up to this latest win, with every single match ending in a loss.

We all knew LeBron was valuable, but for his team to not be able to pull off a win without him? That’s just crazy.

The kind of season the Cavs are having now just serve to strengthen this point. With pretty much the same roster LeBron took to the NBA Finals just a few months ago, the Cavs have become, quite literally, the league’s worst team, with a record of 8-29.