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LeBron’s recent comments on “More than an Athlete” where he declared himself as the Greatest of All Time has had the basketball talking with everyone having their own opinion.

Boston Celtics GM, Danny Ainge, is the latest NBA personality to join in on these widely talking about comments. Ainge was fairly blunt in saying that he has a lot more basketball to play and that by saying these comments, he was “taking the Donald Trump approach”.

“His career’s not over,” Ainge told 98.5’s “Toucher & Rich” on Thursday. “I’d just like to … why he’s saying that, I don’t know. Maybe he thinks that that sells. Maybe he’s taking the Donald Trump approach and trying to sell himself. I don’t know.

“Obviously LeBron is in every conversation with who is the greatest player of all-time. But time will tell. I don’t know if anyone knows who the greatest of all-time is, because the years are so different.”

An all-time great Celtic, Kevin McHale also spoke about these comments as he had an even bigger issue with LeBron’s comments as it isn’t fair to some of the other former greats of the game.

“We all sit at this table all the time and sing his praises. I think LeBron is a great player,” McHale said, via Boston.com. “I just think that’s disrespectful honestly to Bill Russell. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan. There are just so many. Two of my good … Larry [Bird] and Magic [Johnson], just led teams and turned the league around. You don’t need to say that about yourself. Let other people say that for you. I mean I was kind of surprised because I’d read about it, but that’s the first time I’d actually heard him say it, ‘Made me the GOAT.’ I’m like, damn.”

With two icons of the Boston Celtics taking offense or disagreeing with LeBron James comments, we may see a little more of an intense rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics, reviving the respected hatred of each other.

It will be interesting to hear LeBron’s reaction to these great former players, especially since he has a very strong negative opinion of the United States President, Donald Trump.

When it comes to the Greatest of All Time debate, it’s unlikely we’ll ever have a unique answer with it way too hard to compare different eras.

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