If you were wondering what some of the things that Michael Jordan buys with his millions of dollars, then look no further than here.

According to TMZ, Jordan has started off the New Year by sailing on board an $80 million-dollar yacht of the coast of St. Barths. It’s not a bad way for arguably the greatest player of all time to be spending his retirement traveling the sea on one of the greatest yachts that you’ll ever witness.

To suit the ship to Jordan’s likings, a full on the 1-on-1 basketball court has been equipped which is seriously awesome. It would be every basketball fans dream to take on the six-time NBA champion in a one on one match on Jordan’s very own court.

The ship also contains 8 cabins, an extended bar, dining room, gym, deck Jacuzzi, a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and satellite television, it’s approximately 230 feet long. The boat is more than good enough to live on.

In TMZ’s report of Michael Jordan’s incredible yacht, to keep the ship operational, it would cost a massive total of 840,000 a week. For any everyday average person, this is just a ridiculous amount of money to be spending so lucky for Jordan that he worth around $1 billion and that he is one of the richest athletes in the entire world.

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