Following the Pelicans’ devastating loss to Brooklyn on Wednesday night, a defeated Anthony Davis couldn’t hide his frustration to the media.

“We’re a better team than our record shows. Everyone is frustrated. Players, coaches, front office. We’ve just got to do better,” Davis told ESPN. “We wasn’t playing no defense. The whole first half, they did whatever they wanted. They didn’t feel us on the defensive end. We wasn’t physical, wasn’t talking. They got a lot of layups, a lot of open 3s. They shot the ball extremely well in the first half due to our lazy defense.”

Despite Davis finishing the game with 34 points and a career-high 26 rebounds, New Orleans failed to pull off a victory against a team they should’ve beaten. Sadly, this kind of narrative has been normal for the young star since he was drafted back in 2012.

This reality has us all wondering when Davis will call it enough. How long will he keep on losing? How long will he continue to put up with a franchise that has routinely lacked the ability to build and sustain playoff teams?

Most think it won’t be much longer and, as Kay Williams put it on ESPN’s morning show “Get Up,” it’s only a matter of time until Davis forces a trade out of The Big Easy.

Williams predicts that The Brow will force a trade before the start of next season is the Pelicans don’t sign a top-10 player soon.

Likely, Anthony Davis will prefer being sent to a team that already has a star like the Lakers, Celtics, or Rockets.

Whatever the case, the future looks bleak if New Orleans intends to convince their star to stay. Like it or not, it might be in their best interest to send him packing for some pieces in return rather than cross their fingers and hope he resigns in 2020.