One of the best sights in an NBA game is watching an incredible athlete performing a successful chase down block.

However, it doesn’t always end well, Blaise Meredith, a college basketball player from North Central College made a great play to run down his opponent from an open layup. The only problem was, while he jumped to swat the ball away, Meredith ended going up too high, much more than he expected and he ended up going headfirst right into the backboard which has got to be extremely painful.

It’s a little scary seeing the young athlete knock his head into the backboard at such speed and luckily for him, there wasn’t any serious damage. Meredith was stuck laying on the ground for a few moments before he was able to get up and continue on with the match.

It was a nice moment to hear applause from the concerned crowd as he was helped up and brought back to his feet.

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