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Now that we’ve seen how the All-Star voting picture’s looking like, we can already wonder and take our picks on who should be participating in the All-Star Weekend events, especially our favorite: the Slam Dunk Contest.

Over the course of history, some of the best players in the world have gathered together to try and prove who the best dunker in the world is, creating a lot of memories for all basketball fans to cherish for ages.

Even so, now that we know that no superstar is going to risk an injury by entering a dunk contest anymore, let’s take a look at the realistic and best dunk contest we can think of for this season.


5. Miles Bridges

The rookie had some outstanding dunks throughout his NCAA stint and entered the league showing a flash of great hops and athleticism. He’s supposed to be a star in the making and as such, he’s got a lot to prove in this year’s rising stars challenge and obviously, the slam dunk contest.


4. Aaron Gordon

We’re never getting tired of Aaron Gordon’s dunks. He’s got a huge frame, yet his athleticism helps him contour his body on ways a guy that big and strong shouldn’t be allowed to. He’s been snubbed before, so you know he’s craving revenge and wants to finally take the trophy home.


3. Dennis Smith Jr

Dennis Smith Jr reminds us of a younger version of Russell Westbrook, at least when it comes to explosiveness, aggressiveness, and athleticism when attacking the lane. He makes the most of his damage from within the close range, and I’ve already seen some breathtaking poster dunks from the sophomore point guard.


2. Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine is the best young dunker in the league and he’s already owned this tournament, so perhaps he’s not going to be motivated enough to participate again. Even so, he’s one of the most explosive dunkers this league has ever seen, and he has a never-ending bag of different dunks to amaze us.

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1. Derrick Jones Jr

We didn’t even know who Derrick Jones Jr was until he enrolled to enter the slam dunk contest, and we could tell right away why he did so. Now that he’s playing for the Heat, he’s given us two of the best dunks of the season so far. He’s extremely athletic, has some of the highest hops in the league, and his huge wingspan makes him perfect for this kind of events.

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