If you ask any NBA GM around the league, Anthony Davis is as good as gone from the Pelicans. After years of subpar play, there’s a growing sense that The Brow is fatigued with wasting away his prime on a franchise that just can’t get things right.

Naturally, there’s really only one team everyone keeps talking about in regards to his next destination: the Lakers. From an outside perspective, it makes a lot of sense why they’d want a player like Davis, and there’s a lot of hints that the team has been active in pursuing him.

But on Fox Sports’ The Herd, Collin Cowherd theorized that this potential union wasn’t just a one-way pursuit. He explained why he thinks Davis is quietly making a play on his own to put himself in position to don the Purple and Gold.

He sites Davis’ comments about legacy over money, him continuing to play hard, and his comments about being frustrated with losing despite his great play on the court as evidence of Davis preparing for a noble exit from New Orleans. If he cares about legacy, Cowherd says, then joining LeBron would help him elevate his legacy by winning.

And by playing hard, he’s ensuring that the potential move occurs as quietly as possible. No noise, no drama (at least, not adding any more of it), and nothing to bring any more negative attention to the already anxious situation.

Bottom line is, Davis is certainly doing everything right in terms of getting himself out. We don’t know his intentions, he certainly hasn’t stated them, but as the evidence continues to stack up, it’s getting harder and harder to believe there’s less than a good chance Anthony Davis ends up a Laker.

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