Nobody knew how good Steph Curry was going to be. Nobody knew that he would win two Championships in Oakland. Nobody knew he would win back to back MVPs. Nobody knew he would forge a legacy as the greatest shooter to ever dribble a basketball.

Back then, it was just hard to see how special the kid truly was. Yet, had they focused on the things Curry could do instead of only the things he couldn’t, a lot of GMs might not be regretting passing him up in the 20o9 NBA Draft, where he was 7th by the Warriors.

(via The Players’ Tribune)

“I remember Doug Gottlieb, who was a major draft analyst at the time, talking about how there were six other point guards in my class with a higher upside than I had. SportsCenter put up a tweet with his comment on it…… and I guess someone found that tweet a few years later, once we started having success in Golden State? So now it gets recirculated every so often.

And of course I’m just playing, and I can smile about something like that now. But at the time?? Man…. it’s hard to even describe how much comments like that bugged me.

All this analysis that people would put out there, all these scouting reports and whatever, that kept the focus on what I supposedly couldn’t do. “Undersized.” “Not a finisher.” “Extremely limited.” I can still reel them off to this day. But what’s even crazier is how, also to this day — even with how I’ve ended up doing my thing, and even with all of these unique types of players coming into the league and showing what they can do — you’re still seeing these so-called experts scouting hoops that same old way: by focusing on the downside of what guys can’t do.

Instead of figuring out the upside of what they can.”

Clearly, these “analysts” must be kicking themselves for their scouting report on Curry. And while back in 2009 nobody would have had Steph Curry #1, it’s kind of surprising how absolutely nobody saw this coming.

Underestimating Curry’s talent is a price a lot of teams have to pay. But hopefully, they’ve learned to look at every potential prospect a bit closer before deciding if they’re worthy enough to take a chance on.

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